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Computer Education for the Young ones (Primary 1-6) 1st Edition (Out of Print)

2nd Edition (Order Online)

Basic Information Technology: for Junior Secondary Schools (JSS 1-3): 20th Anniversary, Since May, 2001.

Put Down your Knife (Out of Print)

About the Author

Folake Adeniyi, born in Otun-Ekiti, Ekiti State is a veteran teacher, and a product of Ahmadu Bello University. She is the proprietress of Bostar Computer Institute, Abuja, an institution that has for many years been training kiddies on the practical aspects of computer operations in many Nursery and Primary Schools.

Her many years of experience in kiddies computer education has richly enhanced her ability to produce the present work.

The author is happily married with children.


Question: Are there going to be changes to Basic Information Technology JSS3 knowing there are more recent programming languages?

- QBASIC is old.

- Not in use in the industry, why learn it.

- The programming language doesn't have support.


It has come to stay.

The choice of programming language has the basics required just as the name sounds as this forms the bedrock of Computer Science.

It has growth path been developed for today's world with indigenous and locally sourced attributes.

It's on demand and has proven to be a reliable platform in the industry. MS-BASIC.

Question: A certain inquiry about why he can't have growth with Basic Information Technology Book 3

Answer: It's purpose is to extend the knowledge to students in Junior Secondary Schools. Inasmuch as the book is also useful to those who are sufficiently inspired to learn the rudiments of Information Technology, the book content were developed without compromising standards.

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